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Sustainability manager for residential and commercial property: from the project to the portfolio

We give advice on all the ecological, commercial and technical sustainability challenges in real estate operations. If desired, we will also support you with implementing the necessary measures. In the process, we will optimise project development, individual properties and portfolios in Germany and internationally. Our expertise encompasses all asset classes, from residential to commercial.

  • “The property industry needs a fourth building block in addition to asset, property and facility management: an overarching framework for more sustainability at all levels.”

    Simon Szpyrka

  • “We need to significantly improve the overall energy efficiency of all buildings if we are to come anywhere near to reaching climate goals – especially in the residential sector. But the housing industry has a wide range of decarbonisation measures at its disposal that can simultaneously deliver cost reductions.”

    Christopher Feliks

  • “The current geopolitical and economic challenges show what dependencies exist, especially with regard to supply. So this calls for a reliable partner who knows from years of experience how to assess market risks and ensure a stable energy supply on good terms, even in turbulent times.”

    Rüdiger Salzmann

  • “The property sector is looking for operative and tangible ESG standards that will take its buildings further along the path to climate neutrality. There is no off-the-peg solution – specific buildings and their uses need to be covered by an individual comprehensive approach that meshes all areas and delivers optimum solutions to bring properties as close as possible to zero-carbon status.”

    Daniel Schwab

Your sustainability is our mission


Existing buildings are responsible for a third of CO2 emissions and can make a considerable contribution to mitigating climate change. There is enormous potential for improving efficiency through all life cycles in the property industry – this is true of both ecological and economic sustainability. The demands of the market are ever increasing in both areas, as is our obligation towards future generations. As the market leader in sustainability management for the property and housing industry sectors, we will find the best way forward and achieve your sustainability goals.


We combine interdisciplinary expertise with consulting and implementation know-how, supporting you not just with concepts but also with practical realisation of all efficiency measures. We are active internationally and in all asset classes. Our solutions are tailor made, creative and flexible. A focus on results and a tireless pursuit of best performance are what set us apart.